Aru’s VIP Luxe-Lift Event, sponsered by SwissLine.

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Select VIP’s can join us for “Beauty Boudoir”, an evening of skincare science featuring the ALL NEW Luxe-Lift by SwissLine!


Wednesday, May 9th

6pm to 8pm only.


Come and experience an exclusive evening of glamour and science with our SwissLine Skincare Specialist, Chantal Barratt.

Discover Swissline’s new LUXE-LIFT Creams, while we provide you with a professional skincare analysis. Learn what skincare is right for your skin and why. Have all of your questions answered by our industry leading specialists and experience a tailored skincare regime just for you! Special gifts and discounts will also be available.

This event is 1 night only and limited to only 10 spots. We will reserve spaces on a first come, first served basis, so call us now to reserve yours!

All in attendance will receive an exclusive FREE gift. We will be serving appetizers and wine.


Call us now at;



When you spend $250 on Swiss line home care products, receive a beautiful gift with purchase.

Book a facial that evening and receive 15% discount.

Hair Donation To Children’s Hospital

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Hello! My name is Simran Singh and I’m currently 16 years old and in 11th grade. Growing up I have always had long hair. My parents did not allow me to cut my hair because they believed that your hair was your prize possession and should be always taken care of.

I always got tired of long hair and styling my long hair in a braid that one time I was small I cut my hair and I cut very short bangs for my younger sister, who is two years younger than me. My parents were not that mad because they knew we were kids and we make mistakes. But looking back I realize that I took my long hair for granted and did not realize that there are kids around the world who are not able to grow hair.

 In February 2008, I got the news that I have a baby cousin. I was so excited that I can go to her house and I can play with her due to the fact that all of our sibling’s and cousin’s were grown up. But my baby cousin who went by the nickname, Leena went through struggles. At a very young age she had to get her tumor removed from her head and after that had to go through a long process of chemotherapy. It’s been 4 years since her surgery and she has such thick hair and is full of giggles and laughs. Even though today she may not see the beautiful world with her precious  eyes due to what she went through, she is a very happy child and grateful for everything she has.

Leena has made me a better person today and encouraged me to do small things like donating my hair to BC Children’s Hospital. I asked Leena’s mom about me donating my hair and she said ” I encourage you to donate your hair, It’s a place where you should give a lot whenever you have a chance, I always will and continue to donate things there due to how much it has given back to me and my daughter “. Her making me say that made me feel that I will be donating my hair and that will be the final answer.


My hair is currently 23 inches and I will be donating 10 inches of my hair. 

Most may think that I’m making a wrong decision for my hair and I should keep it long. Most of my friends and strangers that I walk past by in public have told me that I have the most thickest, silkiest and longest they have ever seen. That makes me really happy that my hair is in great condition to donate.

Although to many disagreeing with me cutting my hair I feel like that I should give back to the world with small changes because at the end those small changes will make a big change to the world. I am proud of myself for growing out my hair 23 inches since my last haircut which was one year ago and being in great condition for children that have gone through the similar process like Leena’s

Having a professional hair salon like Aru’s cutting and styling your hair for free to BC Children’s Hospital is a privilege to me that I do not have to worry about my hair getting shipped there or dropping it off there, where it is taken care of by Aru’s. I am very grateful for this opportunity and I know my hair is in great hands.

I am looking forward to cutting my hair due to this great program that Aru has provided for all of us. I have learned that it takes 10-15 ponytails to make one single wig. I was very shocked to hear that. This made my more eager to donate my hair. Having coming across Aru’s website made my feel that I came across this for a reason and that I will be donating my hair. I do not give anything else but my hair. This is all thanks to Aru Spa and Salon. 

Looking forward to my appointment for this amazing opportunity! 

Yours truly, 

Simran Singh

Aru Spa and Salon Party Invitation!

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Aru Spa and Salon Party Invitation! 

It’s that time of year again! ARU Spa and Salon’s Wine & Cheese Party! A great time of year to kick off the Holiday Season and contribute to the Sources Community Food Bank supporting White Rock and South Surrey. 
Admission is free but we ask that everyone bring non-perishable food items as we will be collecting food for our local food bank. Every food item donated will get you an additional entry into our door prize draw.
This year we will also have a silent auction table with amazing gifts, donated by local businesses. All proceeds from the silent auction will go to one of Aru’s staff members, Emma Briscoe, who was diagnosed with cancer just over 1 year ago. So please come bid on some wonderful items for a really great cause!
Location: Aru Spa and Salon 
2068 152 Street, Surrey, BC. 
 Date: Wednesday, November 25th 
Time: 6:00pm to 8:00 pm 

(please bring a non-perishable donation for our local food bank)

The evening features a variety of door prizes including, Swiss Line and Phytomer Skincare gift baskets, prizes from Kerastase, Shu Uemura, Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup and more! Enjoy complimentary massage services, spa treatments, hair services and makeup applications all evening. Gift Bags are also available while quantities last! As usual, we expect a large turnout, so be sure to send your RSVP with your name and number of guests attending with you to… or, 
(604) 536-0788 
Annual BLACK FRIDAY Gift Card Promotion. 
Our popular annual Black Friday Gift Card Special will also take place during the event. For every $100 in Gift Cards you purchase will receive an additional $20.00 Gift Card.
This is a great time to buy Christmas gifts or to look ahead and prepay your services for the upcoming year. You can enjoy the benefits of a 20% discount on all Aru services throughout the year. 
Even if you cannot make the event stop by anytime before the end of the day on Friday to take advantage of this gift card special! Orders can also be processed by phone. (604) 536-0788
This is an open house event and everyone is welcome. Please be sure to invite your friends to the party. This is a great opportunity to showcase our beautiful spa and salon to those who have not yet visited Aru. 
We are excited to host you and your guests for the holiday! Come celebrate the evening with food & wine, complimentary spa services, gift bags, prizes and discounts of up to 50% off of most products and our Gift Card Promo. 
We always expect a large turnout to the event and parking can fill up quite early. Additional parking for the event can be found across the street. 
Event Details 
Cost : Complimentary 
Location: Aru Spa and Salon 
Date: Wednesday, November 25th 
Time: 6:00pm to 8:00 pm 
(604) 536-0788 
Hor d’oeuvres by Sheila 
Sheila has been a chef working in the community for many years and is the proud owner of Sheila’s Deli & Catering and the newest hot spot in town Sheila’s Bistro and Lounge, in South Surrey.! Do your tastes buds a favor and visit 
About Sources 
Sources was started over 30 years ago to support our local community. They operate the local Food Bank as well as many other support programs to help our youth, seniors, women, people that suffer with autism and addiction. A wonderful group of people doing very wonderful things in White Rock and South Surrey. Visit to learn more. 

Hair Donation From An Aru Client

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Good evening! My name is Taranjot Dhoot and I am currently sixteen years old and in my fourth year of high school (grade 11). I am the youngest child within my family and because of this I grew up around siblings and parents to look up to. I was raised in family that always gave back, even if it was at our expense. My grandparents raised me and my siblings to understand the struggles in other parts of the world; my grandparents immigrated to this country without knowing anything, they left their home and loved ones to better their children’s lives. They had taught me and my siblings many good morals in life and I grew up knowing that my life is worthless if I cannot provide happiness and brightness to another life. I was taught to place myself in others shoes before being quick to judge. Moreover, donating my hair is not just to put a smile onto a child’s face but it’s also to make my family proud, this donation will make my life worthwhile.

More info about Aru’s Hair Salon.

Aru’s hair donation program.

My hair has been long for years now; I have been growing it out for approximately five year. However, I have been going in for regular trims to ensure my hair is healthy and nourished. I have not had short hair since I was four years, although I am very excited for a good change. As of right now, my hair is about 20-25 inches long (it has just reached my tailbone area). As for how much I will be donating, I have decided to donate about 14-16 inches.

I had known for years that I wanted to donate my hair but I just could not find the courage to do so until recently. Just this past week, someone very close to me has been diagnosed with Breast Cancer. My aunt has been like a mother to me since day one, and I have such a strong bond with her. When I was told about her diagnosis, my mind could not even wrap around the thought. I have never in my life thought about cancer affecting a family member. I have had friends who lost people to cancer but I could never quite understand their pain. Cancer did not affect me emotionally until someone I love got it, therefore, you are not able to comprehend the the emotional drain someone feels when they are or know someone battling with cancer. Never in a million of years would I have thought of a loved one contracting this illness. Furthermore, after hearing this news, I emailed your salon to book an appointment without a single doubt. Although I love my hair, I am very fortunate and grateful to have the choice of donating my hair. Those who battle cancer do not just wake up one day and decide to get rid of all their hair. It is not a choice to those people but they are not alone. They are not different, and organizations like this help them realize that there are people in the world willing to shave off their head for them. After having cancer affect my aunt, I am ready and willing to chop my hair off just to show her that I am here for her at the end of the day.

Donating my hair to BC Children’s Hospital makes this experience even more worthwhile. I cannot even imagine how “different” these children feel when they are not different. It’s hard for children to fit into to society already, there is so much pressure about how you should look, what you should wear but some children don’t have a single say in how they look. These children, spending their days in Children’s Hospital are fighters and if this little act of mine can make them feel any less “different” I will feel as if I did my part in this world. I have just now realized how grateful I am for the life I am given and if I can share this gratefulness with at least one person, then that is enough for me.

In my opinion, Aru’s Program is a privilege. Having to not worry about shipping your hair to the hospital saves a lot of my time, and I have the satisfaction of knowing that my hair is being taken care of in terms of getting to the hospital. It takes one hassle off my list and that is absolutely amazing. I can honestly say that I am very excited to donate my hair especially with the satisfaction of knowing everything will be taken care of.

Thank you Aru’s for contributing immensely to this milestone in my life!

I shall see you soon!

Warm Regards,

Taranjot Dhoot

The Best Surrey Hair Salons.

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We Have Discovered The Best of Surrey Hair Salons.

When it comes to finding the perfect salon people can be very picky. In fact, some customers might be willing to drive several miles after they move to a new home just so they get to keep the same hair stylist.
Developing a relationship with a new hair salon will hardly be achieved by simply visiting a website. One must make a personal trip to get a first hand view of the salon and hair stylists. A few Facebook reviews from active customers can also help to narrow your selection for great Surrey Hair Salons.

Surrey Hair Salons

The Style You Want.

As far as Surrey hair salons go, Aru Spa and Salon is certainly a haven for the right kind of styling. The owners of the Aru believe in providing their clients with the best Hair styling around. In order to accomplish that task, Aru employs some of the top talented stylists in the industry. Aru Spa and Salon specializes in both men and women. They also offer Hair Cuts for kids, so be sure to bring them along too.

Many clients that visit Aru are in need of major changes to their appearance. That can range from a simple style adjustment to a complete change in hair style and colour. Aru’s professional stylists all have great advise and are always very helpful in providing great ideas for your new style. There is no limit to the kind of hair style you can request. Aru professional hair stylists attend continuous training, so the are always up to date on all of the latest styles.

Special Events.

Do you have a special event in the near future? This is one of the reasons we love Aru as our choice for best Surrey hair salons. Aru stylists are experts at gorgeous hairstyles and updos. If you have a big date, an awards party or even a wedding. Aru professional hair stylists will masterfully have you looking the best at your event. Or, consider planning your wedding prep for the bride and the rest of her wedding party at the salon. The stylists will take care of the makeup and hair, eliminating the stress of the wedding party looking cohesive.

Whether it is a wedding, special event or just a regular visit to Aru Spa and Salon, the entire staff seems completely committed to their service. The attention to detail is refreshing. You will be offered coffee, tea, water or wine! Such a nice touch. Throughout your service, expect to be asked if you are comfortable and whether you need anything. This is the kind of thin that makes Aru my selection for best Surrey Hair Salons. When it comes great service and choosing the right hairstyle, there is nowhere better.

White Rock Salon and Spa

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An amazing White Rock Salon and Spa is Aru. Right in the heart of artistic White Rock, is a destination salon and spa at its finest. Exquisite, elegant, zen inspired settings lined with the ease and charm of their experienced and friendly staff ready to guide you through the incredible journey that is Aru. Aru Spa and Salon offers impressive salon and spa packages for males and females, individuals, couples, corporate events, weddings, or a fun and relaxing friends day out. Which makes it our selection for best White Rock Salon and spa.
Aru Spa and Salon is dedicated to making each visit the visit that brings you back for an incredible experience. The professional, full service hair salon offers a free consultation for your contemporary style or coloring preference, hair extensions, straightening, including make-up services adding glam and sophistication to graduations, weddings, or any event where you need to look your best featuring the dermatologist recommended Jane Iredale natural mineral make-up line and you can be sure you’ll have that polished look with their lash and eyebrow tinting and shaping services.
ARU-SLIDER3This White Rock Salon and Spa will be your new home for healing massage including Thai Stem Massage, Warm Stone Massage, Relaxation Message, Deep Pressure Message and Aru’s Japanese Experience for Couples package completely pampering you and your loved one with full body exfoliation, a warm bath softening the skin with essential oils scented with rose petals finishing with a romantic side by side full body massage on heated massage tables. Aru has consistently been voted best Surrey Massage.

Let their expert pedicurists and manicurists make your hands and feet your best features with their basic and signature packages with exceptional add-on services to complement the package of your choice including foot and leg massage, paraffin therapy, callous removal, and french polish. The signature package is your key to beautiful, healthy nails. This package has been fine tuned offering an scented foot soak, essential nail care, exfoliation, foot mask and massage, topping it off with polish application in your chosen colour.


Aru Spa and Salon’s body treatments are designed to naturally nourish your skin for that youthful glow. The Remineralizing Marine Body Wrap harnesses the detoxifying power of algae and trace minerals, while the Firming Contour Wrap targets fatty deposits and cellulite with the natural elements of plant extracts and essential oils to gently contour your body using thermal mask technology.Make your next salon and spa experience the best you’ve felt and looked in years when you visit this South Surrey salon just outside of White Rock, BC.