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Good evening! My name is Taranjot Dhoot and I am currently sixteen years old and in my fourth year of high school (grade 11). I am the youngest child within my family and because of this I grew up around siblings and parents to look up to. I was raised in family that always gave back, even if it was at our expense. My grandparents raised me and my siblings to understand the struggles in other parts of the world; my grandparents immigrated to this country without knowing anything, they left their home and loved ones to better their children’s lives. They had taught me and my siblings many good morals in life and I grew up knowing that my life is worthless if I cannot provide happiness and brightness to another life. I was taught to place myself in others shoes before being quick to judge. Moreover, donating my hair is not just to put a smile onto a child’s face but it’s also to make my family proud, this donation will make my life worthwhile.

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Aru’s hair donation program.

My hair has been long for years now; I have been growing it out for approximately five year. However, I have been going in for regular trims to ensure my hair is healthy and nourished. I have not had short hair since I was four years, although I am very excited for a good change. As of right now, my hair is about 20-25 inches long (it has just reached my tailbone area). As for how much I will be donating, I have decided to donate about 14-16 inches.

I had known for years that I wanted to donate my hair but I just could not find the courage to do so until recently. Just this past week, someone very close to me has been diagnosed with Breast Cancer. My aunt has been like a mother to me since day one, and I have such a strong bond with her. When I was told about her diagnosis, my mind could not even wrap around the thought. I have never in my life thought about cancer affecting a family member. I have had friends who lost people to cancer but I could never quite understand their pain. Cancer did not affect me emotionally until someone I love got it, therefore, you are not able to comprehend the the emotional drain someone feels when they are or know someone battling with cancer. Never in a million of years would I have thought of a loved one contracting this illness. Furthermore, after hearing this news, I emailed your salon to book an appointment without a single doubt. Although I love my hair, I am very fortunate and grateful to have the choice of donating my hair. Those who battle cancer do not just wake up one day and decide to get rid of all their hair. It is not a choice to those people but they are not alone. They are not different, and organizations like this help them realize that there are people in the world willing to shave off their head for them. After having cancer affect my aunt, I am ready and willing to chop my hair off just to show her that I am here for her at the end of the day.

Donating my hair to BC Children’s Hospital makes this experience even more worthwhile. I cannot even imagine how “different” these children feel when they are not different. It’s hard for children to fit into to society already, there is so much pressure about how you should look, what you should wear but some children don’t have a single say in how they look. These children, spending their days in Children’s Hospital are fighters and if this little act of mine can make them feel any less “different” I will feel as if I did my part in this world. I have just now realized how grateful I am for the life I am given and if I can share this gratefulness with at least one person, then that is enough for me.

In my opinion, Aru’s Program is a privilege. Having to not worry about shipping your hair to the hospital saves a lot of my time, and I have the satisfaction of knowing that my hair is being taken care of in terms of getting to the hospital. It takes one hassle off my list and that is absolutely amazing. I can honestly say that I am very excited to donate my hair especially with the satisfaction of knowing everything will be taken care of.

Thank you Aru’s for contributing immensely to this milestone in my life!

I shall see you soon!

Warm Regards,

Taranjot Dhoot

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