The Best Surrey Hair Salons.

The Best of Surrey Hair Salons.

As far as Surrey hair salons go, when it comes to finding the perfect one people can be very picky. 

In fact, some customers might be willing to drive several miles after they move to a new home just so they get to keep the same hair stylist.

Developing a relationship with a new hair salon will hardly be achieved by simply visiting a website.

One must make a personal trip to get a first hand view of the salon and hair stylists.

A few Facebook or Google reviews from active customers can also help to narrow your selection for great Surrey Hair Salons.

Surrey Hair Salons

The Style You Want

When it comes to Surrey hair salons, Aru Spa and Salon is certainly a haven for the right kind of styling. 

The owners of the Aru believe in providing their clients with the best Hair styling around. In order to accomplish that task, Aru employs some of the top talented stylists in the industry.

Aru Spa and Salon specializes in both men and women.

They also offer Hair Cuts for kids, so be sure to bring them along too.

Many clients that visit Aru are in need of major changes to their appearance.

That can range from a simple style adjustment to a complete change in hair style and colour. Aru’s professional stylists all have great advise and are always very helpful in providing great ideas for your new style.

There is no limit to the kind of hair style you can request. Aru professional hair stylists attend continuous training, so the are always up to date on all of the latest styles.

Surry Hair Salons & Special Events

Do you have a special event in the near future?

This is one of the reasons we love Aru as our choice for best Surrey hair salons. Aru stylists are experts at gorgeous hairstyles and updos.

If you have a big date, an awards party or even a wedding. Aru professional hair stylists will masterfully have you looking the best at your event.

Or, consider planning your wedding prep for the bride and the rest of her wedding party at the salon.

The stylists will take care of the makeup and hair, eliminating the stress of the wedding party looking cohesive.

Whether it is a wedding, special event or just a regular visit to Aru Spa and Salon, the entire staff seems completely committed to their service.

The attention to detail is refreshing. You will be offered coffee, tea, water or wine! Such a nice touch.

Throughout your service, expect to be asked if you are comfortable and whether you need anything.

This is the kind of thin that makes Aru my selection for best Surrey Hair Salons.

When it comes great service and choosing the right hairstyle, there is nowhere better.

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About the author 

Derek Bodnarchuk

Husband and father of 2 boys. I founded our family run, Aru Spa and Salon back in 2006. When I'm not at Aru you can usually find me at the hockey rink with the kids.


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