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The Aru Spa and Salon team collectively believes that in order to restore balance from the effects of our modern fast paced lives it is essential to take time to reconnect the mind, body and spirit with therapeutic treatments that renew and restore, all within our beautiful South Surrey Salon and Spa.


The very name Aru, meaning “to be” or simply “live”, subtly emphasizes the unpretentious and refined atmosphere to be expected from our spa and salon. Aru Spa and Salon provides a comforting, yet stimulating atmosphere in which guests are able to truly relax both their body and mind.

Aru reconnects guests to their path through the Aru experience, complemented with a wide range of well-being therapies. Aru Spa and Salon has established itself as a destination, unique to the White Rock South Surrey area, in which clients can be sure to receive consistently dependable service and quality products – rejuvenating their energies and in turn their lives.

Our philosophy is strongly based around natural health and wellness, which is why you will not find any laser machines, abrasive chemicals or injections at Aru. We offer a holistic approach to modern wellness and beauty – boosting the self-esteem and confidence of both male and female clients.

The Aru Spa philosophy maintains that in keeping with the pressures of modern living it is essential to find a way to relieve stress and mental strain, through partaking of wellness therapies and activities. Correspondingly the Aru philosophy is about adapting different looks to suit the individual client, in order to accentuate those best features and bring out the client’s natural and unique beauty.

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