Aru Spa and Salon

Waxing and threading services at Aru Spa and Salon are only performed by licensed, professional aestheticians.

All waxing and threading services are carried out within our private treatment rooms.

Clients are welcome to wear any clothing that makes you comfortable for your service.

Robes are provided and professional draping practices are always used.

* Please read the bottom of this page for our tips and recommendations to make your experience as effective and painless as possible.

Waxing & Threading Services

Our company features a tiered pricing structure, where the cost of services is determined by the popularity and demand for our service provider.

Our level pricing not only benefits our stylists by offering a clear career progression, but it also provides a range of options to meet various budgets.

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Waxing Tips and Recommendations

We always recommending exfoliating your skin at least 3 times a week.

* Note - It is extremely important to let your wax technician know if you are taking any medication that can affect your waxing results, such as blood thinners, Retin-A, Acutane and similar products can actually thin your skin and make you susceptible to lacerations.

If you are using topical acne or skin lighting products, we recommend you stop using the product a week before your waxing service if you are going to wax that area.

Waxing Tips

Take an Ibuprofen 45 minutes before being waxed to help reduce pain.

Lightly exfoliate the skin right before waxing.

Apply our ingrown hair inhibitor following your waxing service and daily at home.

Wear breathable & loose fitting clothing to your appointment.

Take a warm shower prior to waxing to help open your pores for easy hair removal.

Do not take extremely hot showers or sit in the steam room after waxing.

Do not drink alcohol or caffeine for at least 3 hours before your waxing service, doing this will only make the skin more sensitive.

It’s important not to shave in between waxing sessions. Shaving between waxing sessions causes the hairs to thicken resulting in more pain upon removal. As the hair thickens, the pores widen and you will not feel as smooth.

Do not exfoliate the newly waxed area for at least 24 hours after.

Refrain from working out or sweating for 24 hours

Do not expose your skin to the sun or tanning be at least 24 hours before or after your waxing service

Wear loose fitting clothes over the waxed area for at least 24 hours

For underarm waxing, refrain from using deodorant for at least 24 hours following your waxing service.

Waxing Legs

Waxing and Threading at Aru Spa and Salon, White Rock

White Rock spa, waxing and threading services are offered at Aru. In addition to threading we Use Epil Lyss Professional Depilatory Products for all of our waxing services. Please be sure to inquire about Wax and Post-Depilatory products that you can take home with you after your treatments. Waxing is a fairly abrasive service and it can cause various reactions. We strongly recommend the us of a post-depilatory product, to minimize the chance for any adverse reactions.

As always, you are welcome to make full use of our amenities. Relax in our lounge with a cup of green tea before your service. Showers and steam rooms are available but not recommended for hair removal services. You are always in good hands at Aru. We have been voted best best white rock massage and best white rock salon for 5 years!

Aru Spa and Salon is located in Surrey, BC.

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