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KERASTASE PARIS - Kerastase is a specialized treatment based hair care line focusing on treating the scalp and hair follicles in order to create luxurious looking hair. Kerastase Ritual Treatments are a specialized line of hair and scalp treatments that have been scientifically designed to treat each unique hair type. Kerastase Ritauls treat and repair - Oily or Dry hair, Sun Damaged and Color Processed hair, Flakey, Dry, Itchy scalp and hair that has simply changed over time always leaving you with beautiful, soft and healthy hair & scalp! Kerastase Ritual Treatments are available exclusively in Aru's South Surrey Hair Salon.

Kerastase Ritual Hair Treatments


Kerastase Ritual Hair Treatments

New Kerastase Fusio-Scrub Ritual Experience $89

Discover the deep cleansing power of scrubs for instant volume and shine. Begin your Kerastase experience with a Fusio-Scrub chosen by your stylist. The Kerastase scrub is designed for all hair types, to help remove product buildup and combat scalp issues, like dryness, dandruff, or excessive oil production, leaving your hair primed for the next stage of this amazing treatment. In the second stage of this treatment your stylist will select the perfect Kerastase Fusio-Dose Ritual treatment for your hair and scalp. Your stylist will carefully apply the Fusio-Dose Ritual serum from root to tip as they perform a Signature Scalp Massage. In the final stage of your Experience your stylist will perform a blow dry and style you hair to your personal preference.

Kerastase Ritual Treatments $35

It is recommended to book a Blow Dry with this Treatment. *Does not include blow dry

Signature Head Massage $30


KERASTASE IN-SALON RITUAL TREATMENTS - are the real secret to gorgeous hair. Our experts will perform a diagnosis to determine the right products for your hair type, then through the precise application of the concentrated formulas, a real hair transformation will be revealed! Ask for yours today!

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Aru Spa and Salon is an award winning South Surrey hair salon. Salon Ritauls by Kerastase are diagnosed and performed by professional hair stylists in order to select the perfect Kerastase Ritual Treatment for your individual hair needs. Visit our Surrey Hair Salon today to have the hair you truly deserve.