Hair Donation

Hair Donation to Wigs for Kids – Children’s Hospital

Hello! My name is S. Singh and I’m currently in grade 12. This will be my second time donating my hair to Aru. Donating 11 inches of my hair made me feel great that someone in need is going to get a smile on their face. I have more then enough of hair which I’m willing to donate to Aru again.

Hair Donation

In my previous response, I talked about how my younger cousin went through chemotherapy. It was hard for us to see someone we love to struggle to fight for their eyesight. Through chemotherapy she started to lose her hair. Causing her to change the way she look but regardless of the way she looked she kept a smile on her face. Today she is 8 years old and learning Braille. She has big dreams for the future. She tells me that she wants to be a doctor and help children like her in the future. Regardless of her blindness she does not let that stop her from chasing her dreams.

My hair is currently 14 inches long and I will be donating 12 inches of my hair. Aru will be giving me great opportunity for the second time. I’m thankful that Aru has a program like this to provide wigs and to make a difference in this world. Just want to give a big thanks to Aru Spa and Salon for creating this to help others to find beauty within theirselves.

Thank you!

S. Singh

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