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White Rock Hair Salon: Aru Spa and Salon

Hair. It is so important to how we look, feel and present ourselves to others.

Our crowning glory is all that and more, so that is why the prefect haircut not only defines each and every one of us, but allows us an added dose of healthy self-esteem.

At Aru Spa and Salon we understand this philosophy, demonstrating technique, style and edge to each head of hair that graces our beautiful White Rock hair salon.

Iconic supermodel Cindy Crawford was asked once about how she maintained her stunning looks since leaving the fashion world, having two kids and suddenly finding herself in her 40s.

The model hinted that beauty was connected to hair, and as we all can see, she has long, shiny locks:

“Colour is the most important factor,” Cindy revealed. “You can get any plastic surgery in the world, but hair colour is what enables women to look younger longer”

Aru’s Hair Salon in White Rock

The pros at Aru agree that hair plays a major role in enhancing one’s looks. In fact, the right haircut and colour are often a makeover superior to expensive plastic surgery.

Our award-winning White Rock Hair Salon offers an amazing variety of hair choices with a free consultation.

Whether it’s a new, modern haircut, an updo for a bridal event, selecting hair extensions or choosing a Kerastase ritual treatment, Aru Spa and Salon caters to the individual.

Each professional stylist is always learning and growing; Aru’s professional hair stylists attend additional training every month to be sure they stay on top of their game.

Let’s be honest. Haircutting, hair colouring and hair styling are all about aesthetics, and not every salon can deliver on all three.

We take immense pride in featuring stylists who train hard to see the beauty of each face–taking into consideration one’s bone structure, hair type, lifestyle and hair needs.

Women, men and children who visit our relaxing, modern hair salon are assured they will receive impeccable service.

Professional Hair Stylists

Aru’s hair stylists are bringing new hair techniques to the forefront, including Japanese sraightening, where clients can walk away with shiny, pin-straight hair for six months or more.

Get excited about instant, long, voluminous locks like Kim Kardashian and other celebrities, because our White Rock hair salon can transform your entire look with 100% natural hair extensions.

Or maybe you want the perfect bridal look and bridal party pampering for that special day. Don’t worry; you’re in good hands.

Aru is an amazing White Rock hair salon and we are all about the pretty. 😉 Don’t wait. Book an appointment today and maybe consider a Massage & Pedicure too!

Phone: (604) 536-0788
Toll Free: 1-888-536-0788

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