March 27

Sunscreen & SPF Skin Care


OK, let’s talk about sunscreen and SPF skin care.

Do You Use Protection?

I do! And, I don’t mean from having a Coronial Baby in the next 9-10months, I mean from the sun!!

During my time in quarantine or self-isolation, I’ve been taking this time to spend with my family and, most of our time has been spent outside. Even with this (figurative) dark cloud that looms above us, we have been blessed with a week of beautiful sunshine.

Normally on my days off, I give my skin room to “breathe”, so I don’t usually wear make up or anything on my face; I like to go au naturel when I can. However, since I, and the rest of the world it seems, has a few months off, I’ve had to remind myself that just because I’m home, it doesn’t mean that I don’t have to take care of my skin…and that means sunscreen and SPF skin care. I use protection…from the sun!

I have still carried on with my skin regimen, but it all stopped after I apply my moisturizer. I didn’t wear make-up or sunscreen on my face for a few days and, well, I didn’t like it!

One of my favorite parts about getting ready in the morning was doing my make-up and prepping my skin for day. So, even though I’m not going anywhere, I still put my face on and, it helps me feel better in these gloomy times. 

There are a good selection of SPF skin care products that offer sunscreen protection.

What Skin Care Products Have Sunscreen & SPF?

Most days, I just use my BB Cream (Beauty Balm or Blemish Balm Cream) from Thalion. It’s a 5-1 product (SUNSCREEN – tinted moisturizer – mattifies and illuminates your complexion – evens skin tone – anti-aging) – and it is by far my favorite BB Cream because it is lightweight and adjusts to your skin tone.

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There are only 2 shades to choose from – Light and Medium. I’m not one that needs a lot of coverage therefore, I use my BB Cream to get even skin tone, a nice glow, and protection from the sun; Thalion BB Cream offers SPF 15.

When choosing a BB Cream, I look for a combination of things – mainly texture. I don’t prefer products that are heavy or greasy and leave you feeling like your face is going to melt off. I actually can’t stand “feeling” product on my face!

Thalion BB Cream with SFP

Aside from texture, I also look at price point annnnnd if the company somewhat uses natural/organic ingredients in their products and if they are cruelty free etc. For what Thalion BB Cream provides, for $30 I’d say it’s a great deal. 

I’ve had my share of trying out other BB Creams… Jane Iredale Glow Time and BB Cream – both  make me look ashy and I find them to be too heavy; Coola in Medium – is to thick for me, Chanel (because I like the finer things in life!) – expensive ($80) and so, I land on Thalion, which checks off all my boxes. 

As far as BB Creams go, they very rarely disappoint. They perfect, protect and prime all at the same time, with the added bonus of supplying skin-perfecting coverage, a hint of color and most importantly, protection from the suns harsh UV Rays.

So, Queens, now that we are stay at home working moms who are conquering self isolation while we “wife”, “parent”, clean and cook – let’s cheers with a Quaran-tini and remember to use protection! Apply sunscreen and SPF skin care!

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About the author 

Eilah Bodnarchuk

I have been in the beauty industry since 2006. If there’s one thing I love talking about, it’s hair care and skin care products! I am a advocate for aging gracefully and looking great while you do it! Currently I am the General Manager at Aru Spa and Salon.


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