Sanitization – Is your Spa or Salon Clean?

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Getting  a visit from the Fraser Health Inspector is always a bit intimidating. At Aru Spa and Salon we take extensive measures to make sure we exceed recommended guidelines. Still there is always that feeling of, “Gulp, I hope he doesn’t find anything wrong with our Hair Salon or Spa”.

Fraser Health sanitization
Fraser Health sanitization

In truth, Spas and Salons propose a great risk to the health of their clients if proper cleanliness and sanitization isn’t a priority. Thee risks are numerous from skin infections to the spread of things like Hepatitis. It is important that all of our employees understand the importance of continuous sanitization and cleanliness.

A Visit From Our Fraser Health Inspector

Today our health inspector dropped by unannounced. They always just stop in. We never know when they are going to inspect the Salon and Spa. He introduces himself at the front desk and ask for someone to bring him throughout the facility, all the while writing notes on his pad of paper.

He the proceeds to sit at his computer entering information as his types on his keyboard. He never talks about what he sees or if everything is good, or bad for that matter. Finally we receive the report as he is ready to leave. fortunately for Aru, our hard work pays off and we get a perfect score! Aru Spa and Salon has a hazard rating of ZERO! He has no recommendations for us!

This is always something that makes the entire team at Aru very happy, We all put in a lot of work to ensure public safety and to have it validated in this way always feels nice!

Sanitization – Choose Your Hair Salon and Spa Wisely!

We know the risks of going to a spa or hair salon that doesn’t make sanitization a priority poses a great risk. Conditions like, bacterial infections, skin infections, warts, Hepatitis and the list goes on and on. Read more at WebMD It is extremely important that, as a customer, you know the sanitization practices of the Spa and Hair Salon that you decide to go to.

Ultimately you put yourself at their care and discretion, you better make sure that they really care about your safety. It only takes one visit for something to go terribly wrong.

Don’t be afraid to phone your Spa and Hair Salon and ask questions. Ask how they sanitize their utensils, combs pedicure bowls, ask as many specific questions as you can. After all we are talking about your health and well-being!

We invite you to call us at Aru Spa and Salon anytime. Ask us whatever you need to feel comfortable that we are taking the necessary steps to keep you safe.

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  • Janet Burns

    I love the fact that you have such a great standing with Fraser Health! Spa sanitization is vital. More companies should follow Aru’s lead.

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