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November News 2018

Signature Facial and Relaxation Massage Package




Enjoy our Signature Facial, a true spa facial designed to nourish and repair your skin, while putting put your mind at ease.

Then relax your body as a professional therapist melts away any tension with our popular 60-min Relaxation Massage.

Signature Facial and Relaxation Massage Package • Reg – $229 Now only $199.

*Must mention this promo at the time of booking. Only until Nov. 30.




Brazilian Wax Special




Get a Hard Wax Brazilian for the cost of Soft Wax!

If you have had any waxing don in the past, you know it can tend to bit a bit uncomfortable. This all changes with the introduction of Hard Wax!

Traditional soft wax does a great job of sticking to your unwanted hairs but it also inadvertently sticks to your skin. Once the wax is quickly removed the hairs are removed with the wax but because the soft wax also sticks to your skin, you experience an increase in discomfort from the tugging on your skin.

Cue the Hard Wax!

Unlike Soft Wax, Hard Wax does not stick to your skin. It bonds well with hair but not with your delicate skin, resulting in a much more comfortable waxing experience. Especially in your delicate areas!

During the month of November you can get a Hard Wax Brazilian for the price of Soft Wax and experience the difference!

You will be glad you did!

This is only available until November 30.

*Must mention this promotion at the time of booking.


Please read our Waxing Tips and Recommendations at the bottom of the following page for your most comfortable waxing experience.


Click here for more about Waxing.


1 Free Facial Peel




Get 1 Free Facial Peel when you purchase a series.

The effects of aging, environment and sun exposure, causes your skin’s natural exfoliation process to slow down. This changes the rate at which dead cells leave your skin.

Does your skin ever feel rough? Are you experiencing unwanted fine lines and wrinkles?

Our AHA Peels are a miracle solution! Our Facial Peels are designed reverse these effects by resurfacing and tightening your skin.

The results are dramatic!

You will immediately notice a reduction of fine lines, wrinkles and also dry patches. AHA peels are also great to treat sun damage and acne scars.

Now when you purchase a series of 6 Facial Peels, you get 1 FREE! Act now and get 6 Peels for the cost of just 5!


Learn more about our Facial Peels.




Free Brow Shape and Tint with Facial



During the month of November when you book ANY Facial we will include a FREE eyebrow shape and tint! ($39 value)

Select your choice of any Aru Facial to get your free brow services.

Get great skin and great brows to match now for a limited time.

Call us today to book.


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Aru Spa and Salon Gift Certificates Always Available!

Aru Gift Cards Make a Great Gift!

Give a great gift for any occasion… a little time to relax and unwind with an Aru Spa and Salon Gift Card!

Aru Gift Cards can be purchased in-Store or our E-Cards can be purchased online and instantly emailed or printed, right from the comfort of your home!


Click here to learn more about Aru Spa Gift Cards.



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