Donate Hair and get 50% off Cut & Style at Aru. Hair donated to Children’s Hospital!

Want to donate hair? Thinking of cutting your hair short? Why not do it for a good cause…?

If you have long hair and are thinking of going short, we will provide half off your Cut & Style! We will donate hair to BC Children’s Hospital and used to make kids wigs. To qualify the hair that is cut off must be at least 8 inches long and be virgin, meaning it has not been coloured.

To do our part, we will provide your Cut & Style for 50% off!

This generous Aru Client had her long hair cut and donated to Children’s Hospital. Aru Spa and Salon provided a free Cut & Style for her. Aru’s professional hair stylist, donated her time to give this client a traditional Bob Hairstyle, which she absolutely loved!

9 thoughts on “Donate Hair and get 50% off Cut & Style at Aru. Hair donated to Children’s Hospital!”

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    Oh ok. Because I have heard and read on your reviews that you have not responded to people who request to offer this program so I was not sure.

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    Ruby Sidhu-Sachdev

    I was wanting to book an appointment for my daughter who will be donating her hair to Children’s Hospital. This would also be her first haircut, she will be turning 5 in January. When would I be able to book an appointment for her?

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    Hello, my daughter is going to be 11 and is hoping to get her hair cut for donation to BCCH.
    Do you still offer this program?

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