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Facial Essentials

These Facial Essentials can be added to any facial. Our Facial Essentials are the perfect way to customize your service to your own personal needs. Choose one or a combination of our Essentials to add luxury and results focused performance to your facial!

“Disappear” Eye Contour • A treatment that energizes and decongests the skin around your eye, diminishing the appearance of fine lines. This targeted treatment will give you instant and noticable results! $25
Reflexothermal Back Massage • A relaxing back massage paired with a self-heating, remineralizing mud that is left on your skin throughout your treatment to cleanse, detoxify and restore proper moisture balance to your skin. $25
Refloxthermal Foot Treatment • A relaxing foot massage paired with a remineralizing self-heating mud throughout your treatment to cleanse, detoxify and restore proper moisture balance to your skin. $25
Power exfoliation • Upgrade to our “power” exfoliant. Using AHA’s couple with mechanical exfoliation this is for the client that is feeling dry, tight and has a dull appearance to the skin. $10

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AHA Facial Peels

With the effects of time and sun exposure, our natural exfoliation process slows down the rate at which old cells leave the surface of the skin. This can leave our skin feeling rough and eventually leads to unwanted fine lines, wrinkles and dry patches. In addition, collagen elastin begins to diminish, leading to thinner, less elastic and sagging skin. AHA Peels are are designed reverse these effects by resurfacing and tightening the skin, resulting in the reduction of superficial wrinkles and dry patches. AHA peels are also great to treat sun damage and acne scars.

One Visit – AHA Facial Peel  • A facial peel treatment designed to resurface the skin, and promote the new skin cell growth. 15 min $75
Series of 6 – AHA Facial Peels • For best results we recommend 6 peel treatments to notice incredible results. You will be truly amazed! (6 peels for the cost of 5) 15 min ea. $375

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Phytomer® Facials

All Phytomer® products are marine based products that have a wide range of benefits. The sea contains the greatest source of available natural ingredients and represents a diverse wealth of opportunity for the health of our skin. PHYTOMER has developed a high-tech approach to the formulation and use of cosmetics, capable of drawing on this source to extract its esthetical benefits, without affecting the natural balance of the environment. See for yourself just how luxurious and effective these products are by experiencing our facials and our home care products!

Aru Signature Facial • A unique ultra-moisturizing treatment to visibly plump and hydrate the skin. Ideal for your first treatment or to finish up a series of Facial Peels. 60 min $130
Side-by-side Aru Signature Couples Facials • Enjoy our Aru Signature Facial on heated, side-by-side beds with your partner or friend. 60 min $260
Fountain of Youth • An Anti-Aging facial to resurface the skin, fill wrinkles and infuse proper moisture into your skin. You will notice firmed, toned skin with lines and wrinkles visibly reduced. 60 min $139
Velvet Touch • A halo of softness for skin that is sensitive or subject to redness. This cocoon treatment softenes your skin and heightens its protection system. 60 min $134
Rebalance • Shine and blemishes are noticably reduced as your skin is cleansed and detoxified to regain its luminosity. Perfect for those with oil control problems. 60 min $119
Men’s Facial • Tailored to his specific needs. This moisturizing facial diminishes wrinkles, helps promote balance in your skin and regulates your own oil production. 60 min $109
Acne Facial – (acne prone or oily skin) • This facial is designed for those with moderate to severe acne. Correct your skin’s imbalances and regain its purity for a clearer, less oily and blemish free complexion. Our Acne facial  reduces excess sebum production, while diminishing pimples and black heads to help even out skin texture. You will experience a noticeable reduction in inflammation and redness. Find your skin’s balance today! 50 min $89

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Anti-Aging Facials – Swissline®

Swissline® is a luxury, anti-aging Swiss skincare brand offering age preventative and restorative products. Bridging the gap between science-led skincare and cosmetic skincare, our cellular-based anti-aging formulations offer the discerning customer not only measurable results, but also luxurious textures and sophisticated packaging.

Cell Shock Lifting & Renewal • An anti-aging treatment for skin that lacks resilience. This intensive treatment uses a highly concentrated cellular complex that is proven to lift, firm, revitalize aging skin and improve the cell’s oxygen intake and skin regeneration providing an immediate “Face-Lift” result. 75 min $189
Collagen Facial • This treatment is designed for deep hydration and plumping of the skin. A “Virtual Mask” aids in the delivery of medical-grade ingredients which increase cellular renewal and helps stimulates collagen production leaving the skin looking measurably lifted and the appearance of fine lines dramatically reduced. 75 min $159
Lightening & Radiance: • Ideal for all skin types who want to treat “sun-spots”, scarring and other imperfections. This intensive lightening treatment evens dull and hyper-pigmented skin, giving it a radiant glow. 75 min $159

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