Body Treatments

Spa Body Wraps, Mud Wraps and Exfoliation

Body Treatments

Our body wraps are carefully designed to target specific skin needs. Whether you desire detoxification & hydration, firminng & slimming or treatments specifically targeting troublesome cellulite, we have great Body Wraps to meet your needs! Select your Body Wrap below and consider adding on our Mini-Facial for complete care for your skin!

spa body treatment

Remineralizing Marine Body Wrap • Algae rich in iodine trace elements and minerals detoxifies the skin through inducing perspiration which stimulates detoxification. The skin is replenished with vitamins and minerals after impurities are eliminated. You’ll start with an invigorating body scrub. Next your entire body is immersed in our nourishing marine blend, then wrapped and kept warm. While you relax in total comfort you will receive a scalp massage. Finish with a moisturizing full body lotion application. 75 min $125
Firming Contour Wrap • For a slimmer silhouette! This treatment will aide those concerned with overall body contouring. The marine ingredients will focus on draining toxin build up throughout the body. Our holistic anti-cellulite body contouring treatment uses essential oils, plant extracts and a unique thermal mask targeting the abdomen and lower body, which are areas prone to cellulite. Our anti-cellulite oil, targets fatty deposits and refines the silhouette. The essential oils have a natural energy and penetrate quickly to act at the cells’ core and break down the structure of cellulite. Excellent progressive results during a course or as a boost before a holiday. Slimmer, firmer and fit! This is best recommended in a series for maximum results. This treatment displays amazing results after a series of 6 treatments. Save $139 when you purchase a series. 75 min
Series of 6
Body Exfoliation • An exfoliating Sea Salt Glow that will leave your skin silly smooth. 45 min $75
Addon Mini-Facial • Add this to any Body Treatment – Facial cleanse, tone and moisturize 15 min $20

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